Workout Plan for a Strong Upper Body

Upper Body including chest, arms and shoulders are the most preferred part of bodybuilding that people do exercises for. Chest displays the strength of a person, the more build up the chest is the stronger the person tends to be.

When people start working out they follow the simplest exercise for chest i.e. bench press. Many people think that only bench press with a different set of weights can do everything needed to build up chest, but in reality, chest needs more form of exercises to develop better. While bench press is a good exercise, your shoulders are not only restricted to pushing things away from it. You can build up your chest by pulling things towards it while standing as well. To get your pectoral muscles in good shape, working out from different angles is more beneficial.

For an iron like chest, you require a combination of different workout exercises that bulk up your chest and shoulders the right way. Below is mentioned a workout plan that covers all the postures through which you can work on your upper body.

This workout plan is excellent for anyone who wishes to get stronger muscles in the upper body and develop strength.

About the Workout Plan

This workout plan focuses on making your upper body stronger. But you should also do exercises for your lower body in gap days. This workout plan is only needed to be done twice a week, so you have enough time to rest and do lower body workout.

Rest 45 seconds after you perform each set and 2 minutes before you move onto the next pair.

Exercise “One A” – Barbell Bench Press

Lay down on a bench while facing your body upwards. Hold a barbell with your arms full spread upwards. This will be your starting position. Now slowly move the barbell downwards until it is right above your chest then return it to the starting position.

Perform 3 sets and increase the weight after each set is complete. Do 15 reps in the first set, 10 reps in second and 8 reps in the third. Once all the sets are completed, reduce 20% weight and continue until you cannot do any more reps. Continue reading “Workout Plan for a Strong Upper Body”