Nate Dunn ( 1896 - 1983 )

Nate Dunn (1896 - 1983)

Nate Dunn is an institution in the Shenango Valley. His name is synonymous with painting amogn the thousands in the Valley who have heard of his active, enthusiastic promotion of "Sunday painting", his countless entries in the leading shows of the region, the numerous prizes he has won, and the enviable number of his works hanging in permanent collections of art in the nation.

It is surprising in the light of all this that this should be his first one-man show locally. The fact remains, never-the-less, that Nate's home town has known his work primarily from those entries by him which have been parts of larger shows, and from the individual pieces which have been acquired by collectors.

Mr. Dunn has an extensive background in art. He attended Carnegie Tech where he studied illustration painting and where he is represented in the permanent collection. He is a member of the Royal Society of Art in England and has demonstrated a variety of media for B. Grumbacheer, Inc. in New York. For ten years he has taughtart at the Girl's Buhl Club in Sharon.

His works have been exhibited extensively in the tri-state area and have received many awards. He has had many one-man shows. He has been represented in the Vincent Price collection for several years, and his works are included in the permanent collections of many museums and private collectors throughout the United States. He is listed in "Who's Who in American Art."

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